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Product Types
Base Cabinets
- Sitting Height
- Standing Height
Wall Cabinets
- 20" (Height)
- 24" (Height)
- 32" (Height)
Tall Cabinets
Counter Tops
- 12" - 72"
- 72" - 115"
Custom Work
Custom Work   INFO                                         
- Let us know what your special needs are and we
  will do our best to design and assemble your
  special project for you. Below are some examples
  of our custom work.

Example of a custom made stainless
steel box for computers, hubs and routers
in a shop environment.

Click here to view picture.
This company wanted a design that would protect their computers on the machine
floor, would allow accessibility, and
provide adequate ventilation.

Click here to view picture.

If you have an idea, but aren't sure how to put it together, we can help.
Contact us for more information or email us at info@advlabs.com
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