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Construction Specifications

Cabinet Construction

· All of Adv-Labs cabinets are assembled using a combination of stainless steel rivets and welding. Rivets are located so that they are not visible from the front or sides of each cabinet. Visible welds are ground smooth and polished back to a #4 finish.
· The 7/8" wide front rails meet at hairline seams that run the same direction as the grain and are welded at these points to hold the seam tight.
· The sides of all cabinets will be polished for future relocation.
· All cabinets have a back panel with shelf clip slots on 1 ½" centers so shelf height can be adjusted in the field.

Door Construction

· We provide two types of swing doors. Both of which use a durable stainless hinge that easily adjusts for proper alignment.
× All stainless
× Stainless with glass center
· We provide three types of sliding doors. All of which have top and bottom rollers on a stainless steel track.
× All stainless
× All glass
× Stainless with glass center

Drawer Construction

· Ball bearing slides with quick release tabs and integral stops for safety.
· 100 lbs. capacity per drawer.

Sub-base Construction

· Each base cabinet has a separate sub-base for easy leveling at installation and eliminates leveling holes in cabinet bottom.
· All welded construction.
· 4" high X 2.5" deep toe space with 1 ½" adjustable feet.

Shelf Construction

· Double formed edges on front and back for durability.

Countertop Construction

· All corners are welded, ground smooth and polished to a #4 finish
· Countertops longer than 115" will be 2 pieces joined by a hairline seam.
· Tops with integrated sinks will be provided with a raised edge on the front and sides to prevent liquid run off.
· Sinks are welded into countertops to form a seamless construction.

Construction Options

· Key-locks available for doors and drawers
· Painted mild steel cabinets
· Cabinets may be vented
· Telescoping shelves
· Casters may be used in place of sub-base

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